Working on Labor Day? You’re not alone!!/FrickMoored/status/374364897737322496

To those punching the clock today while others are firing up their grills, we salute you. If it’s any consolation: You are not alone.!/isagalaviz09/status/373978660141023232!/RobbDubya3/status/373560138893758464!/_PourMyVodka/status/374337373414240256!/thuglifejesss/status/374369177634484224!/Mrs_Mckinzie/status/374361907362160640!/CarlyAnnable/status/374317291145814016

Hey, we’ve been there, done that, and are doing it. God bless America, land of limitless opportunities for those willing to put in an honest day’s work … any day of the year!!/DWAZ73/status/374245821937897472!/brandilacy/status/374277902063255553

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